Terms and Conditions

This service is offered without any warrenty

Urlms.com is a free service and consequently carries no warrenty of any kind - This site and it's respective owner/owners cannot be held liable for any data/business loss happening as a result of it's usage. Any issue which is detrimental to you or your party is not our concern and we cannot be held liable for it.

This service cannot be used for:

Creating URLs for advertising (i.e. to post in forums/emails)
Linking to any content which is illegal (in your area).
Linking to other redirection URLs (AKA, "chaining")
Any other use which we deem as inappropriate / malicious.

We reserve the right to remove any shortened URLs which we deem to have violated our terms and conditions, or that we believe violate the spirit of our terms or of fair usage (at our discretion). We may if we choose report use that is forbidden by our terms and conditions to the relevant governmental or law enforcement agencies, including relevant information such as the IP address of the link creator. We also reserve the right to block any abusers from using our service in future. In addition, shortened URLs may be removed retroactively if they later appear on any of the blacklists that this site consults.

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Last modified: August 5, 2009